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 About KIPS Education


       Kips Education Centre – Bathinda was founded with the aim of helping individuals discover, reach and exceed their intellectual potential. For the first time in India, graduates from the top educational institutes came together to mentor young talented minds on their way to their dreams. Over the years, this has taken a more tangible shape in the development of student’s career.
       Since its incorporation June, 2001, Kips Education Centre – Bathinda team has grown manifolds not just in size. With its close-knit team of highly competent and dedicated professionals, KIPS Team has successfully mentored hundreds of students. Kips Education Centre – Bathinda believe that each individual is unique and requires individual guidance. The intense focus on each individual's strengths and weaknesses is at the core of our development modules and has been the single most crucial factor in helping students to achieve unprecedented success over the years. Kips Education Centre – Bathinda offers different kind of bachelor and master courses leading to different streams.
       Kips Education Centre – Bathinda is located to Street No: - 9B, Ajit Road, Bathinda, Punjab. Kips Education Centre – Bathinda library is a beautiful and modern library well updated books, journals & multimedia learning aids, provides the student and opportunities to keep themselves well versed with related information. A library well stocked with all the necessary volumes is available at the student's disposal. It is the synthesis of theories with working knowledge, together avenues to exploit all the available resources; we can mould our students into thorough professionals, who would become the leaders of their profession.